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Asa Akira and Alec Knight in naughtyoffice

Synopsis: Asa Akira is a hard worker. For three days, Asa and her co-worker have been updating the company's taxes and the work is finally finished. With the work over, it's time for fun. He massages Asa's feet while they wait for take-out. They don't want to put off until tomorrow the hot office sex they can have tonight!!

Porn stars: Asa Akira, Alec Knight

Released: January 3, 2017

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pornsite: naughtyoffice

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Paris Marie in latinadultery

Paris Marie is married to a hard worker. But her husband’s married to his job. When his associate stops by their house on business, Paris is set on mixing in some pleasure. Paris’ husband might be too busy for her, but that won’t stop his partner from an afternoon in Paris!!

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Who:  ,Married Woman,


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Breanna Sparks and Alec Knight in ihaveawife

Big-tittied Breanna is masturbating on her couch when there's a knock on her door. She dresses and finds a man whose car broke down outside her home. His phone died, and all he wants is to use her phone to call roadside assistance. While he's waiting for help, Breanna decides it's a wise idea to ask him when the last time he had sex was. Alec says it's been a while since he's married, but Breanna doesn't give a fuck, she just pulls out his cock and puts in her her mouth!

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Lacy Holliday in naughtyoffice

Lacy Holliday is the boss’s daughter. And since she knows her dad has power, she has power. When one of her father’s employees shows up to get important documents, she doesn’t want to give them to him – unless he’s willing to do something for her. Lacy’s only rude cause she wants to fuck this dude!!

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Starring: Alec Knight, Lacy Holliday

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Released: 2008 10 22

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Lexi Lovell and Alec Knight in mydaughtershotfriend

Lexi Lovell is as her friend’s house trying to beat the heat in her underwear while her friend is out visiting her man. So it’s a bit of a surprise to her friend’s Dad Alec when he arrives home to find a strange girl listening to music in her underwear on his couch! Once all the confusion and awkwardness is gone, Lexi goes back to doing her thing, but she noticed the twinkle in Alec’s eye when he saw her in her skivvies. He supposedly goes to his quarters, but he can’t but help to return to find Lexi now masturbating on his couch! But she knows what she’s doing, and she knows he’s watching her, which is exactly why she’s playing with her little pink pussy. She manages to suck and ride Alec’s big dick all before his daughter returns home! Better yet, it’s anal sex!

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Starring: Alec Knight

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Jayden Jaymes and Alec Knight in dirtywivesclub

Jayden Jaymes is home alone again. Her husband is away on work but very aware of her needs, so he allows her to do what she needs to do for satisfaction … even if it's with his best friend Alec. They've even set it up so that Alec thinks he's picking up a file for her husband, when he's really going fucking his friend's wife. Alec can't believe what's happening, but Jayden's bare big tits and wet pussy make him a believer.

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Starring: Alec Knight, Jayden Jaymes

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Jayden is all alone as most housewives are, when she hears a knock on the door and see's it's her neighbor Alec from three houses down. Alec stops by Jayden's place because of the lost dogs walking around in the neighborhood and asks if those are hers. Jayden being the lonely housewife that she is is excited that she has the attention of male and can't resist his looks and especially his huge cocker! Alec the horney neighbor can't resist and gives in and fucks his lonely housewife neighbor to no end!

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Starring: Alec Knight, Jayden Jaymes

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Released: 2011 06 24

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Misty Stone and Alec Knight in neighboraffair

Alec has no idea how to make lemonade. Good thing his neighbor, Misty, is passing by at just the right time. She shows him the right way to make a glass of lemonade. But wait, he's missing sugar. Oh, Misty knows where he can get some good brown sugar.

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Starring: Alec Knight, Misty Stone

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Released: 2011 08 15

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