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Audrey Bitoni in naughtyoffice

Synopsis: Audrey Bitoni canít believe her eyes. Her co-worker screwed up the biggest account they have, and now both of their jobs are on the line. He tells her his girlfriend, Lauren, is stressing him out and thatís why his work has been sloppy. Audrey sympathizes with him and decides to give him a shoulder rub and then a cock rub!!!

Porn stars: Audrey Bitoni, Rocco Reed

Released: November 12, 2008

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pornsite: naughtyoffice

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Rocco heads over to his buddy Kenny's house to talk about some shit, but Kenny's mom Brandi Love says her son is working out of town for a few days. She notices that 1) Rocco has been working out, and 2) that he's sad. When he tells her that he and his girlfriend broke up, Ms. Love tries to massage the tension out of him. She also 1) tells him that he should see older women, and 2) pulls his cock out, sucks on it, and tells him that she's the older woman he should be fucking!

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Alexis Texas always gets what she wants. And she wants her friendís husband. He doesnít want any part, but Alexis is unrelenting. She puts it real simple for him: fuck her now or sheíll tell his wife he did anyway. Blackmail is so easy with an ass like hers!!!

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Rocco makes a surprise visit to his dad's house, but he's not home -- only his girlfriend Jayden is. She invites Rocco in, and he explains how he recently finished law school and got a job as an attorney at a big firm. Jayden's just happy to have some company, especially since Rocco's dad is working all the time, and they never fuck anymore. She hints a little more when she starts rubbing Rocco's dick. The big new lawyer in town puts his law degree to use and serves justice ... all over his dad's girlfriends beautiful tits!

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Returning home from college Rocco finds out that Mariah, one of the sweet kids he grew up with has turned into a kind of rebel. When they were young both of them had talked about growing up, going to college, and getting great jobs that meant something. Rocco is on the way to doing that, but Mariah is dressing in black, going to clubs, partying, and working at a bar. She's also dyed her blond and gotten breast implants! When he confronts her about all of this she's actually kind of pissed. Why is his direction in life better than hers? She's happy with her life! He finally admits that she despite everything she does look pretty sexy. Of course, that's all she needed to hear. Before he can say anything else his cock is in her mouth, and she's showing him the skills that come with her new life direction!

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Professor Reed is confused. His transfer student, Mischa Brooks, has a high GPA, but her test scores are poor. He invites the bubbly brunette to take a quick test Ö but he finds out she can't spell basic words. Mischa explains by telling him that her GPA is so high because she does well on oral exams, which she illustrates by placing his cock in her mouth. Through a battery of sex positions and other tests, Professor Reed discovers for himself that Mischa really is advanced.

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Rhianna and bunch of girlfriends, including Rocco's wife, had a ladies day out together. Rocco is supposed to be picking up his wife, but when he shows up Rhianna informs him that she got a ride from someone else. Puzzled that she didn't call, things really start getting weird when Rhianna practically pulls him into the house and shuts the door. First of all he doesn't even know this chick, and second, he's married! No matter how much he protests she keeps at him. As usual, women get what women want. Ok. He may want it little too. Damn she's hot!

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Who:  ,Stranger, Wife's Friend,


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Alexandra Silk in myfriendshotmom

Rocco is at his friend Xander's place looking for him because they got super wasted last night and were separated from each other at some point. Xander isn't there but his mom, Alexandra Silk is. As Alexandra and Rocco get to talking, he mentions that he's still horny from last night. Ms. Silk is very nervous and shy at first but once she gets that cock into her mouth she becomes a madcap milf.

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Starring: Rocco Reed, Alexandra Silk

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Released: 2011 04 06

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