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Rachel Starr is one of the more entertaining personalities active in today's porn scene. Not only is she smoking hot, with her signature dark hair, 34D augmented breasts, and curvy body, but she's also got a great sense of humor, and a spunky personality, which has won her more than a few of her fans and her 300,000 Twitter followers over the years. Born in Texas in 1983, Rachel Starr spent a great deal of her childhood in the country. "I had a horse, my brother had pigs, and we had dogs." Though Rachel Starr worked as a dancer in California for several years, it wasn't until 2007 that she entered the porn industry, after being discovered by male performer Jack Venice. Speaking about her passion for feature dancing, Rachel Starr revealed in an interview that she's genuinely a fun, down-to-earth girl in person: "When I do my feature dance show, I like to let people know who I really am as a person. Like you see me in these movies and people have this whole persona idea of what they think I'm like, but I'm actually just like a really goofy person that likes to play around. I'm not a prude in any way, or diva-ish, or anything like that - I really like to get the crowd going, I'm very energetic. I like to do crazy stuff, and make fun of it, and just have fun, and I'm smiling the whole time." Most fans know Rachel Starr for her massive body of work, though, with Rachel Starr porn videos spanning eight years and counting - and here at Naughty America, we've got plenty of Rachel Starr videos and Rachel Starr pics. Want to see what Rachel Starr videos were like when she was just getting started in the porn industry? Don't miss the first Rachel Starr porn scene with Naughty America in American Daydreams. Or check out her most recent work, in incredible 4k resolution, with the Rachel Starr porn scene My Wife's Hot Friend. Regardless of which scene you choose, you're bound to be left both satisfied and wanting more from the lovely Rachel Starr.
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